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Public Access to Published Tariffs

To view tariff data on-line you must have an account setup with Dart Maritime Service.

Starting 01Feb2024, public access to published tariffs is free per 46 CFR 520.9(c)(2), but pre-registration is required.

To apply for a login/password to access this system, please review this information.

Send email request to "" with your full contact information (full name, company name, if applicable, phone and email). Once received, we will e-mail you with all the information you will need to use the system.

If you have any question regarding on-line usage and restrictions, please contact our offices.

If you are a Carrier subject to OSRA regulations and would like us to publish and host your tariff data, please visit our main corporate site for more information.

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How to use our system:

Select Carrier name, respective tariff and type in the commodity you're looking for and let the database find a match for your inquiry.

Further filter your search by Origin, Destination or Rate Basis. You can also search and review Rules, Surcharges, Location Groups, Inland Rates and Service Contracts, if applicable.

If you can't find the exact rate or service you're looking for, open the Organization Record to contact the Carrier directly for a specific quote.

Getting the exact rate you're looking for has never been easier!